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Member Spotlight: April Eichmeier

October 13, 2020 1:00PM

Meet April Eichmeier!

Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication @ University of St. Thomas. Member since Fall 2019.

Why did you decide to join 黄金城平台APP下载? I wanted to meet people in the marketing community and have the opportunity to learn from both colleagues and speakers. Also, a little backstory: I had a very positive experience with the American Marketing Association Washington, DC chapter (黄金城APPDC). Based on my experience with that chapter, I thought that I would give 黄金城平台APP下载 a try. And even though I’ve been a member of 黄金城平台APP下载 for just a short time, I have been very impressed with the people I’ve met and the opportunities that I’ve had to learn.

Why is being a member of 黄金城平台APP下载 important to youI am a faculty member at the University of St. Thomas, though I spent more than a decade in strategic communication roles prior to going to graduate school to earn my PhD. Having been in both worlds, I can see how practice relates to research and teaching and how research and teaching relate to practice. Speaking with people in the marketing community makes my teaching and research better.

And, it is fun to meet and speak with people about their work. Whenever I’ve gone to an event, my favorite part is hearing about what people are up to.

What’s one of your favorite 黄金城平台APP下载 events and why? I attended the post-Superbowl event earlier this year, where I had the opportunity to hear the different perspectives on the ads – like many people, I had my favorites. In some cases, I was surprised to hear about ads that they liked but I didn’t (or vice versa), and why. I tell my students that it is important to hear the perspectives of others, and this event was a great opportunity for me to do a bit of this on my own.  

What’s the one thing you wish others knew about 黄金城平台APP下载? What makes it unique? I wish that others knew how rewarding it is to be a part of the community. The first events that I attended were in the coldest months of the year, but I was so happy that I bundled up and went out.

What is some of the best advice you’ve received in your career? Seek people who lift you up.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? My husband and I love the outdoors – you can often find us hiking or snowshoeing. We’ve also become serious amateur birders in the past year. Watching birds is a simple, mindful activity that has deepened our appreciation for the wonders of this planet that we inhabit.

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