Mentorship Program

Applications for the 2022 mentorship program are now open!

黄金城APP Minnesota’s Mentorship Program pairs established marketing professionals with future leaders to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. 

Fueled by 黄金城APP’s core value to “Connect, Learn and Grow,” our 12-month program facilitates one-to-one mentoring to create strong leaders in the Minnesota marketing community. 

Our program is strategically designed to be mentee-driven and to create a meaningful relationship for both the mentor and mentee.  

Program Details

Please plan to attend the Mentorship Group Kick-Off virtually on Wed, April 13 from 5:00-6:00 pm. Attendance is strongly encouraged. 

Applications received after noon on Fri, March 18, 2022 will be considered for our 2023 Mentorship Program.

Please contact Maddie Kaye ( with any questions.

Become a Mentee

Grow professionally by leveraging the experience an established marketing professional 

Requirements for Mentees 

  • Must be (or become) a member of 黄金城APP-Minnesota. 
  • Commit to meeting your mentor on a monthly basis for 12 months. 
  • Complete our mentee application.

Become a Mentor

Make a profound impact on the trajectory of another marketer’s career. 

Requirements for Mentors 

  • Mentors must be (or become) a member of 黄金城APP-Minnesota. 
  • Commit to meeting your mentee on a monthly basis for 12 months. 
  • Complete our mentor application. 

Mentorship Program Benefits

Mentee Benefits

  • Add rocket fuel to your career by leveraging the experience, knowledge and wisdom of an established marketing professional 
  • Grow professionally by gaining insights, advice and access to advanced networks 
  • Increase confidence to take on new challenges

Mentor Benefits

  • Give back by sharing your knowledge and experience with a developing professional
  • Guide an individual through the challenges they encounter as they learn and grow 
  • Gain new and diverse ideas, perspectives and styles from an individual at a different point in their career


While mentoring is a voluntary, professional partnership, please keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  • Mentor and mentee should meet about once a month for 1-1.5 hours at a time and place that is convenient for both of them. 
  • Mentees set their goals and the mentor helps them achieve those goals.
  • Both participants are committed to being a part of the program for a 12-month period. 

How the Mentorship Program Works:

  1. Review requirements for mentors and mentees to qualify. 
  2. Fill out online application. 
  3. Receive confirmation email from mentoring committee. 
  4. Attend kick-off meeting, learn about expectations, and meet your pairing.
  5. Enjoy a year-long mentoring relationship!